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Duck Bone Broth - 500 ml.

Duck Bone Broth - 500 ml.

HOUND ORIGIN'S gelatinous bone broth is rich in collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin, multi-vitamins, minerals, and 18 types of amino acids. It is also an excellent source of nutrients for both dogs and cat! Our bone broth is especially suitable for sick or elderly pets because it's easy to digest. It also helps relieve symptoms related to intestines and digestive system. Even healthy dogs and cats can take bone broth as an excellent and natural supplement. Suitable for dogs and cats of all breeds and ages.


Slowly cooked and simmered for a long time until jelly forms. Preserve important nutrients as much as possible, 100% natural, without additives and preservatives.


- Supports the function of bones and joints

- Supports the function of the digestive system

- Helps protect the gastrointestinal mucus layer

- Glycine, an important amino acid that helps detox the liver

- Strengthen the immune system

- Helps with appetite for dogs and cats who have difficulty eating

- Helps with transitioning to raw diet


    Duck bones, pure filtered water, carrot, apple cider vinegar


    Thaw by soaking in water or placing it at room temperature. Chill it in a normal refrigerator and you can scoop our gelatinous bone broth for your little one to eat. Bone broth can be given with a main meal or as a snack during the day.


    Bone broth can be stored in refrigerator up to 10 days after thawing or up to 6 months in a fridge.


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