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Here you will find our most frequently asked questions

that will guide you through our products and feeding

Frequently Asked Questions

Our most asked questions are answered by Hound Origin pet nutritionist and experts

  • What is Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF)
    The Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (B.A.R.F.) diet has been singled out as one of the healthiest, most natural ways to feed your dog and cat. The principle is to feed dogs the diet they evolved to eat—a raw diet composed of meats and greens that are fresh, uncooked and wild. The genetic makeup of domesticated dogs supports this. From Boston Terriers to St. Bernards, dogs are essentially the same as their ancestors, gray wolves. Extensive research now shows that a balanced ancestral style diet is the best way to keep your pet in optimum health; we created Hound Origin so that all pet owners can play an active role on prolonging the lives of their dogs and cats.
  • Why should I switch my pet to BARF diet ?
    Kibble is the pet equivalent of "fast food" - convenient, cheap and lacking an essential balance for sustaining good health. Many of today’s processed pet foods contain low-grade, unethically sourced meat and are bulked up with artificial ingredients and preservatives. Kibble, in particular, has an extremely low moisture content, which can lead to pets on a kibble diet being permanently dehydrated. The nutritional balance in many of today’s pet foods is out of kilter and a far cry from the diets on which dogs and cats once depended. Over-processing kills vital natural nutrients, so these must be replaced with artificial supplements that dogs and cats find hard to digest. Preservatives are widely used to extend the product shelf life and artificial smell/flavor are needed to induce dogs and cats. Today, we’re seeing the results of this shift to unnatural nutrition in the rising figures in pet diseases. In dogs, food allergies are the most common cause after contact and inhalant allergies, leading to symptoms such as itchy skin, digestive disorders and ear infections. Cancer, kidney and liver diseases are the leading causes of deaths in pets, with around one in three contracting the disease. Since Hound Origin BARF diets do not incorporate heat-processed ingredients, no nutrients are lost from source to bowl, no by-products, no preservatives and no flavor added making our diet "the cleanest and the healthiest food" you can find for your pets. Lower risk of developing health complication.
  • Is Hound Origin's diet complete and balanced ?
    Hound Origin® has spent years perfecting its raw dog food recipes to offer the most nutritious diet possible. Our BARF diets are formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO and NRC providing peace of mind knowing that they have been prepared with the proper blend and balance of ingredients.
  • What are Hound Origin BARF diets made from ?
    Hound Origin® use only human-grade ingredients and each entrée is formulated to ensure the right balance of all ingredients—especially vitamins, minerals and other micro-nutrients. Our BARF diet consists mainly of Muscle meat Offal Edible bone Hound Origin Phytonutrimix100™ - Developed and formulated by Hound Origin's pet nutritionist. Enriched with 100% natural phytonutrients, vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants for nutritional perfection and optimal health benefit.
  • Is Hound Origin's BARF safe for my pet ?
    Yes. Your pet is designed to eat raw food diets as cooking is only unique to humans. Dogs and cats have shorter digestive tracts and their stomachs have a much higher acidity level than humans, which makes it easier for them to consume and thrive on the Hound Origin® Diet. Our diet start with the highest quality ingredients from vendor we deeply trust then proceed with the best safety procedure in the raw pet food industry to ensure it’s free of pathogens, worms, harmful bacteria and 100% safe for your pets.
  • Are bones safe to my pet ?
    The fear of feeding bones is usually in regards to COOKED bones. Raw bones however, are a natural source of calcium and other minerals. A natural source of calcium obtained from ground bones is far more utilized in the body than from artificial calcium sources such as bone meal. We understand that some pet owners will still have some fears in regards to feeding their pet bones. This is why we grind the bone in our BARF diets. This prevents any and all risk of choking and/or punctures while your pet still gets all the benefits of bone in their diet.
  • What benefit will I notice after switching my pet to BARF ?
    Some of the main perks to raw feeding includes Stool Improvement: much smaller in size, a reduced odor and firmer to the touch. These changes are owing to the increased efficiency of your pet’s digestive system as a result of feeding food that is species-appropriate and enables the body to make full use of the nutrients. Skin and Coat Improvements: it can be visible within the first few weeks of beginning to feed Hound Origin diet! Your pet will be soft and smooth to the touch, there will be no odor around them or their possessions, and their fur. As a result of feeding a Hound Origin diet, there is an increase in your pet’s immune system protecting your pet from the inside out against allergens and irritants. Reduction in Allergy Symptoms: Good news for those whose pet experience intolerances or allergies – feeding our diet rebalances the immune system. The physical symptoms of allergies is reduced (e.g. scratching behaviors), followed by digestive symptoms (e.g. passing gas) and finally immune-suppressed symptoms (e.g. chronic ear infections). Mental and Physical Activity: This is one of the ‘hidden improvements’ of feeding raw diet; your pet receives a tremendous amount of mental stimulation when eating raw from munching juicey meat and the tasting of freshness. This form of enrichment releases endorphins in your pet – as is shown by their increased excitement for meal times! Energy and Vitality Improvements: This is the overall reported improvement from pet owners; that their pets recover a zest for life they had thought long-lost. This is especially the case for senior companions who grow in vitality following a switch to a raw diet.
  • Does Hound Origin have puppy/senior/breed-specific formula ?
    No. All Hound Origin BARF diets are specifically designed to meet nutritional requirement for dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes. However, if your pet has specific health condition that requires advice on appropriate diet you can contact us for more information. Contact us via Line Official Account: @houndorigin
  • How do I start my dog on the BARF diet ?
    As long as your pet does not have an allergy to a specific protein, you can feed your pet a variety of the Hound Origin® diet proteins. However, to ease your pet on to a raw diet we recommend starting off with single-protein diet such as Chicken Fit & Firm™ recipe or Duck Strength Booster™ recipe as they are easy to eat and digest. Once your pet is fully adjusted to his new diet, you can introduce other multi-protein recipes.
  • How do I switch my pet to BARF diet ?
    RAPID SWITCH: Nine times out of ten we recommend that you do a quick transition to BARF with your pet where you fast him or her 12-24 hours prior to their last meal and then feed BARF diet. SLOW SWITCH: if your pet has a difficult time switching between various diets, has been known to experience digestive upset from time to time, is suffering from a degenerative disease or is a senior, a slow transition is better suited for your pet.
  • Should I cook BARF diet for my pet ?
    No. Food loses most of its nutritional value including enzymes and biologically active essential fatty acids once it goes through the heat process of cooking. Also many minerals, essential amino acids and vitamins become indigestible for pets.
  • How much should I feed my pet ?
    You can determine how much to feed your pet based on his weight, age and activity level. For a complete feeding recommendation, go to: FEEDING CALCULATOR. Just keep in mind that this feeding calculator is merely a guideline and not a rule. Every pet has a different metabolic system so you may need to adjust the feeding amounts if your pet experiences any weight loss or gain on BARF diet.
  • Can I feed BARF with kibble/canned/cooked diet?
    Feeding a partial BARF diet and partial cooked diet (home prepared, kibble, canned, etc.) will result in partial benefits in the pet's health. Of course 50% raw is better than no raw at all but the best way to feed your pets is 100% raw to be able to get 100% of the benefits of raw feeding.
  • Do I need to add any topping to BARF diet ?
    No, adding any topping is unnecessary as Hound Origin BARF recipe is complete and balanced in nutrition covering all essential Macronutrients and Micronutrients. It is good to occasionally add little something to the food once in a while to cheer your pets up for the meal.
  • How do I defrost BARF diet ?
    There are 2 easy ways you can defrost BARF quickly From freezer to chiller: move our BARF packet from freezer to a normal chiller and leave it overnight to defrost. The meal will be ready for scooping in the morning. Warm up in water: put our BARF packet in normal water for 5-10 minutes until thawed. Changing water a few times will help warm it up even faster! ** We would advise against defrosting in the microwave or hot water. However, if you really need to do so please use the "weight defrost" option on your microwave to defrost our food.
  • Should I rotate different proteins and how often should I do it ?
    Because your pet is a carnivore, an omnivore, a hunter and a scavenger, his evolutionary diet is based on a wide variety of whole raw foods both of animal and plant origins. By rotating your pet with different nutritionally healthy proteins, your pet, will in fact, consume more of the known compounds that various foods offer, including vitamins and minerals as well as phytonutrients and the many other health protectors found in whole foods. You can rotate different protein as often as your pets are comfortable with. However some pets have sensitive stomachs, and changing protein sources too fast or often can upset their tummies, you should adjust proper timeline based on your pet's condition.
  • Should I use supplements when feeding Hound Origin's BARF diet?
    Daily supplements are not required when feeding your pet Hound Origin complete and balanced diet. However, the continued use of supplements along with the BARF diet is also recommended for pets that have a pre-existing condition, health issues or for those pet owners who want to give their pets an extra advantage in maintaining optimum health and vitality.
  • How long can I store BARF in freezer ?
    Our BARF diet can be stored in the freezer for a full year from the date of production. Make sure to keep product frozen. Thaw before feeding and refrigerate any unused portions to be fed later.
  • How long can I store BARF in the refrigerator ?
    After opening the packet, our BARF diet can be stored in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 days without a problem. Any longer than that and they begin to lose their moisture and will eventually spoil. It is therefore recommended to only keep one or two days worth of BARF in the refrigerator at a time.
  • What do I do if I'm traveling with my pet and would like to take BARF diet with me ?
    Our BARF Diet can be kept cold in a cooler box or foam box up to 9-12 hours and up to 1 day with ice or dry ice. If this is not feasible we can ease your travel by shipping our BARF diet to you anywhere in Thailand.
  • How of often do I need my pet dewormed while on BARF diet ?
    Our Hound Origin BARF diets are worm free, we proceed our production at maximum standard to ensure there is no harmful bacteria or worms. Dogs come into contact with bacteria and worm on a daily basis, while playing outside, digging in the yard, or interacting with other pets and humans. Thus, you can deworm your pet normally as you have always been doing. However, we recommend you to deworm your pet no more than 3 - 4 times a year with no more than 3 months between each treatment.
  • What if my pet refuse to eat his first BARF meal ?
    The problem is your dog just doesn’t know what to do with it. He’s eaten commercial, processed pet food his whole life and his new raw meal looks and smells quite different. There are basically two ways: Patience and a Little Bit of Tough Love….Let him figure it out. Give him about 15 minutes or so. If he hasn’t eaten it yet, simply (without emotion) pick it up and put it away. Provide it again at the next meal. If your dog still refuses, continue this process until he or she caves in and decides to eat it. Mixing BARF with his old food.... This is called "slow transition". Try mixing a little bit of BARF with his old food and let him get used to his new food slowly. Increase BARF proportion bit by bit every meal until he can eat 100% BARF diet.
  • What are symptoms during the transition to BARF diet?
    During the transition and for a short time period afterwards, you may notice that your pet may exhibit symptoms such as loose stools or vomiting. All pets react differently to the new diet depending on their age, health. Your pet's symptoms may range from non-existent, to mild to severe. These reactions are the body's sign of adjusting digestive system and enzyme to the new diet or detoxification. Though most pets do not show any symptoms while switching to Hound Origin BARF diet. Do not be alarmed if you notice some or all of these things happening to your pet. This is a classic example of Detox. Once the detoxifying process is concluded, these symptoms will disappear and you will have a healthier, happier pet.
  • Why did my pet vomit when I first fed him raw diet ?
    Vomiting can be caused by a few reasons Your pet is eating and swallowing too fast, causing them to throw up the excess food. This is quite common among pets with first-time eating raw food because of its deliciousness!. Try feeding smaller amount, more frequent meals, or controlling your pet's eating pace by hand-feeding one scope at a time. Though uncommon, your pet may have intolerance to other ingredients in our diet. Check to be sure your pet is not allergic to any ingredients listed.
  • Why does my pet's stool look different on BARF diet ?
    Since your pet can now extract the maximum about of nutrients from his food, all that is left in the stool is ash and fiber. This tends to make the stool much smaller, firmer, darker in color and less in odor (odor being the result of the fermentation of undigested nutrients) comparing to when your pet is on kibble or canned food.
  • Why does my pet seem to drink less water when on BARF diet ?
    There is no cause for alarm if you notice your pet is not drinking as much water once he has been switched to the BARF diet. Your pet is now getting the majority of his needed moisture intake from the raw food. In fact, kibble is a low-moisture product, which puts a dog in a constant state of dehydration -- can also lead to noticeable thirst in your dog. High sodium or salt inputs in kibble and canned foods will also cause your dog to drink a lot more.
  • How does Hound Origin ship the frozen BARF diet ?
    We have a fulfillment center strategically placed in Bangkok to deliver your order in one day and no more than 2 days latest. We process your order Monday to Saturday by frozen delivery partners like SCG Express/Inter Express Logistics/JWD Express to ensure that your order arrives frozen in transit.
  • How long does it take my order to arrive ?
    You can expect your order to arrive within 1 day (2 days the latest) after order confirmation. However, We cannot guarantee delivery of products within the estimated transit time or by the estimated delivery date (weather delays, carrier delays, etc.).
  • Where can I pick up the product to avoid shipping fees ?
    We offer free shipping for order above 2,000 baht or 20 packets of food. However, you can visit our partner. You can find a list of retailers of Hound Origin products in your area and avoid shipping charges by going to: SHIPPING & PARTNER
  • Do you offer Membership Program and discount ?
    Yes, Hound Origin offer privileges to our member: Hound Rookie, Hound All-Star and Hound VIP membership. Our member can earn 1 Point from every 100 baht purchase. Points can be redeemed for gift voucher or any BARF diet of your choice. Hound Rookie Member: First register ✔️ Point earning from purchase Hound All-Star Member : Accumulate 5,000 baht purchase value ✔️ Welcome Bonus x 50 points ✔️ Birthday Treats: Birthday Month Point X2 Hound VIP Member: Accumulate 5,000 baht purchase value ✔️ Welcome Bonus x 100 points ✔️ Birthday Treats: Birthday Month Point X4 ✔️ Exclusive Giveaway ✔️ 5% Lifetime Discount on all orders ✔️ Exclusive Promotion Register for Membership program: Add Line Official: @houndorigin Click on "Member" section on Menu to register or "Click here" After registration, please inform our admin team of your name and phone number for us to keep your information for your next purchase.
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