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🐶Which formula is suitable for your dog? Let's play a simple game!


7 years younger - A1

Over 7 years old – A2




A1+B1: Grassland Red Meat, Hound Signature, Duck Strength Booster, Hypoallergenic

For youngsters who are still young and young with a lot of energy also known as hyper P'Hound recommends these recipes for a protein boost after a long day of running. Rich in complete nutrients without having to rely on supplements It's also supplemented with Omega-3 that will help take care of joints, bones or joints from deteriorating quickly!

A2+B1 Nordic Deep Stream, Hypoallergenic, New Zealand White

As for older children but also full of energy These formulas are recommended to supplement the brain's essential DHA and EPA. Get unsaturated good fats from fish oil. Support the creation of new cells in the body and take care of the skin to look beautiful It also provides age-appropriate calories as well.

A1+B2: Hound Signature, New Zealand White, Swampland King

For introverts but young P'Hound recommends these foods to provide the protein needed by the body. While getting essential fats in moderation, not too high or too low. Even though he didn't move his body much But the protein from these foods is helpful in building new muscle cells as well.

A2+B2: Chicken Fit & Firm, Hound Signature, Nordic Deep Stream

Young people who are introverts and are already old P'Hound recommends these recipes that are low in fat. Get protein from marine fish that is not only easy to digest, easy to eat, but highly beneficial. Take care of the health of the muscles, brain and cells of various internal organs. of the body as well If you can't figure it out, think of the Hound Signature formula first. Designed for children of all ages All breeds and suitable for children who do both high and low activities.

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