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น้องแมวทานยากใช่ไหม มาลองบาร์ฟแมวสูตรใหม่ของพี่ฮาวด์กันดีกว่า!

Is your cat a picky eater? Let's try Hound Origin's new cat barf! It's not just the quality of nutrients that matters, though! Deliciousness must also taken into account. Hound Origin took time to formulate a successful cat barf. Select only the best quality raw materials with the right amount of nutrients for long-term good health. Your cat after taking it will definitely like it.

All formulas from Hound Origin can be assured of quality.

  • Tested through the lab (Lab Test). Complete nutrients according to principles. AAFCO/NRC/FEDIAF

  • Free from parasites, harmful bacteria and Salmonella

  • Developed and supervised by Certified Pet Food Nutritionists in the USA (NAVC).

  • Free from preservatives, additives and synthetic supplements.

  • Blast Freeze instant freezing at -30 degrees

  • moisture-proof coating packaging (Moisture-control Coating) prevents the growth of

  • Bacteria, maintain freshness and prolong food life longer than conventional raw food in the market.

  • Feline Nutrimix100™ - Vitamin, Essential Fatty Acid Supplement Antioxidants and 100% pure natural taurine for nutritional perfection. Exclusively only Hound Origin***

You can check the full list of ingredients used in each recipe and calculate the amount your cat should eat. You can also read our feeding guide on our website or add our Line Official Account to consult more with the admin team at any time!

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